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Sales Funnels

With the right strategy behind customized – highly optimized and converting landing pages, automated emails, and retargeting ads, we help build trust, credibility, and authority for your business and brand. We build a complete marketing system for you.

Social Media Advertsing

Utilizing proven result-driven marketing strategies to deliver the most effective campaigns and attain measurable results. If you’re paying someone to “manage your social media” chances are you should stop immediately.

Google Ads – PPC

With a strategy behind using Google’s search ads, we have the ability to reach the target market of people searching for your product or service. An in depth keyword research analysis is completed for your business, allowing us to create compelling copy, select the best keywords and set optimal bids for your Ads campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

If your website is awesome but no one can find you while they’re searching for a solution to their problem – it doesn’t matter. We specialize in organic SEO for local and national businesses. Ranking higher on a platform like Google could mean a world of difference for your business.


Once someone visits your website, we’re able to deliver ads to those visitors according to the pages they clicked on your site and the duration they were on each page.By using a video as an ad, you can retarget visitors based on the exact point they stopped watching the video. This makes every ad more contextual and relevant to the viewer of the ad, which results in more engaged traffic and higher conversion rates.


It’s essential to always be educated on the best ways to communicate with your audience. Chatbots allow you to automate part of your customer service. Provide prompt-direct answers to a customer’s question, concern, or inquire via Facebook messenger. Communicate directly with your audience in messenger where open rates exceed 85%.f

Website Design – Reputation Management

Making your business visually appealing to the customer on local searches (Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc.). Seen at the top of search engines (above competitors). A beautiful website that drives traffic to your restaurant. A process for managing to reviews and communicating with your customers to create that first class experience.

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About Us

We build marketing systems and implement result driven strategies to help our clients master the digital world
Marketing Strategist Bringing Our Clients More Leads, More Customers, and More Revenue

At Innovation Marketing, we don’t just manage and update your social media, if that’s all you need, you’ve come to the wrong place. Pertaining our clients needs, we implement a proven strategic marketing system that’s custom created according to business' current situation. Our focus is on tangible and trackable results that can be measured, improved and continuously achieved month in and month out. We see our clients goals as our own. Our motivation is to help grow your business or not do business at all. We’re not cheap, but we are the BEST at what we do. We innovate our way to create RESULTS and deliver a ROI in ways other agencies cannot.

Meet our founder

Expert Marketing Strategist - Entrepreneur

Marty Schecht

Marty Schecht is an expert marketing strategist.  He focuses on the bigger picture of a business so he can help implement the best plan of action to help his clients grow. “It’s not just about Social Media or Google advertisements, it’s about everything. Having a system and strategy in place that converts traffic into leads or sales. Businesses don’t have a traffic problem anymore, they have a conversion problem.”


Learn how a chatbots are the newest and most efficient method of communication with your audience. Building real relationships with your customers and nurturing leads to become a customer. Never has there been tool capable of communication with customers on such a personal level. Click the 'Chatbot' button to learn how a bot can help your business grow the relationship with your customers, ultimately, leading towards more revenue...

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