Should Restaurants Use Paid Facebook Advertising to Gain New Customers or Just Let Their Food do the Talking…???

Should Restaurants Use Paid Facebook Advertising?  By Marty Schecht

Did you need three minutes to take this photo?.

Did you need three minutes to take this photo?

Should Restaurants Use Paid Facebook Advertising to Gain New Customers or Just Let Their Food do the Talking…???

Marty Schecht

Marty Schecht

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Hundreds, if not, thousands of restaurants around the country continue to thrive without having a Facebook page let alone doing Facebook advertising. So does that mean your restaurant should refrain from jumping on the Facebook Advertising band wagon..?

It’s true, there are a handful restaurants who have earned the status of a ‘staple,’ and are booked with reservations weeks or even months in advance. But this is a SMALL percentage of restaurants that exist today. The majority of restaurants must fight the good fight to keep their doors open and keep new customers rolling in. And in today’s ultra competitive atmosphere (especially amongst restaurants), it’s more difficult than ever to rely on word of mouth, the food, the service, or the experience. As abnormal as that sounds, it’s the truth. Customers need some sort of incentive to get them to walk through your door.

Having a strong Facebook or Instagram following is quite important, especially in the restaurant industry. It’s the new and more efficient word of mouth exchange where businesses can earn new paying customers organically and steadily – if they can deliver on the food and service once those customers come in (and if they come in). But what if you could bring those customers in, as well as, reach an entire new audience that may be interested in your cuisine but simply hasn’t had any reason to try your restaurant, or maybe has never even heard of your existence in the first place. Fortunately, Facebook advertising has provided this possibility and you need to understand it if you want to stand out amongst the already too saturated market.

Advertising on Facebook gives you the ability to hyper-target your specific market audience in ways that may never become outdated. Audiences can be targeted on interests, behaviors, or more specifically FOOD PREFERENCES. Do you think this could be beneficial for you? Ex. A BBQ restaurant can target (with a paid Facebook ad) people who are interested in BBQ! Are you starting to grasp why you must be advertising on Facebook?….I hope so. Restaurant owners, you need to be managing your Facebook and Instagram like it’s an extension of your business. Because it is.

So is it cost effective for local restaurants to be advertising on Facebook to bring new customers in, grow their following, and increase their brand??

ABSOLUTELY, YES, 100%! Local restaurants have a unique opportunity to spend little money to generate leads and NEW paying customers. They can track how much their spending and how fast it works…and it works fast. So for all you restaurants out there, don”t get left behind!


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